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How can we help you?

I need a little help.

Accounting software can be intimidating. Business Builders Bookkeeping can help you set up your software and teach you how to use it. If you need help entering your existing bills and bank records, we can do that too.  And don’t worry, if you have questions or need more help, we’re here for you, always at the same low hourly rate.

I need a lot of help.

With services ranging from payroll and billing to accounts payable and lien waiver tracking, Business Builders Bookkeeping knows how to keep your construction business running smoothly.  Timely and accurate accounting data can help you estimate jobs more accurately, spot potential problems, and make better business decisions.

Help me!

That pile of invoices in your truck is not going to take care of itself.  Let one of our experienced bookkeepers sit down with you and design a plan to take control of your business finances.  Put an end to late fees and interest charges and know exactly where your money is going – every project, every day.

I already have a CPA.

Good for you! Smart construction company owners know that having CPA-reviewed statements is essential if you need a bank loan or a surety bond. But are you paying CPA rates for bookkeeping work?  We can’t replace the services of your CPA, but we can help lower the cost of your review.  Let Business Builders Bookkeeping take care of routine entries and reconciliations before you send your books to your CPA.